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The European Society for Laser Dermatology ESLD

(sister society of European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology EADV) is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to dermatological procedures performed not only with means relating to photons (lasers, intense pulsed light sources and light emitting diodes) but also to current electrical (electrocautery, radio frequency) and other latest technologies suitable for professional daily performance in dermatology.

Every aspect of the various technologies and techniques is taken into account – i.e. research, biological effects on the skin, efficiency, safety and quality of cosmetic improvement, etc.

The ESLD President and a Board of international dermatologists share the task of managing the society. Members of the ESLD are mainly European dermatologists with extensive experience in these treatments. An increasing number of members are coming from other parts of the world. Before being accepted, the candidacy has to be recommended by an existing ESLD member acting as a guarantor for the potential member. Moreover, each country in Europe has a national co-ordinator who is being consulted as well.

Sub-Specialty Meeting in Copenhagen - October 7, 2015

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